About Us


Ilam FM is the pioneer community radio station of Mechi Region. It holds the history as a first local radio station of Ilam district which is launched on 31st Baisak 2064 by Mai Pokhari Communication Media Co-operative organization Limited after its establishment in 2063 B.S. Ilam FM is located in Ilam Municipality Ward no. - 2, Shikarnagar which has its contact office in the heart of Ilam bazaar that is in Ilam municipality Bhanupath and in Annamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The transmission capacity of Ilam FM is of 500-watt capacity having excellent coverage in eastern region of Nepal and some part of India like Darjelling and Sikkim. Every week 267 programs are aired with a varieties of local languages with local flavor. It has 30 radio listeners club formed in different part of our coverage area.

Programs are being aired on 93 MHz. It is currently on air for 18 hours from 5 AM to 11 PM. Our programs are focused on social development related topics, entertainment and commercial advertisement to cater to the tastes of the wide choice of listeners. We are a local station catering to the tastes and likes of the local listeners. We broadcast news partnering with BBC Nepali Service, Communication Corner and Samudayek Radio Prasarak Sang like wise Ilam Khaber (Ilam News) our daily local, national and international news is broadcasted producing from our station with Nepali, Rai and Limbu Languages.

- To aware people and visiting their places through our Station.
- Continues To Give Information and entertainment.
- To make people believe that it is my RADIO.
- To Maintain our leadership position in the Market.
- To Provide Valuable Information and ACCURATE to the citizens.

The vision of our station is to on air community basis program, information and entertainment unlimited.

In a mountainous country like Nepal, radio broadcasting has proved to be a very effective medium for disseminating information, educating people and entertaining the masses. Ilam FM recognizes that its primary obligation is to serve its listeners. It has been providing various programs aimed at creating mass awareness in its attempt to reflect the views of all sections of the society. The people in the hilly areas and many of the remote villages have little or no access to any communication and entertainment facilities. Therefore, Radio has been the most suitable means of disseminating information and providing entertainment to any part of World. So we Ilam FM broadcasting regularly community basis program, information and entertainment program. We are planning by knowing and facing the condition of people in eastern hilly region and some part of Terai region and to uplift ourselves to meet the challenges and requirement of today’s world some changes is to be made so we are working enthusiastically and logically.

Ilam FM uses a wide range of formats including features, documentaries, docu-dramas, dramas, talk shows, interviews, music shows, live commentaries etc. Recognizing the citizen's right to be informed under a multi-party democracy, Ilam FM attempts to provide informative, educational as well as entertainment programmes. In coming days we are planning to on air program in more inclusive manner to reside in the heart of every listener.